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With many years of competitive kayaking  behind them, Johan & Teresa Loots launched recreational and commercial sea kayaking in South Africa in the early 1990’s, a tumultuous time of change in the country.
Travellers were ready for adventure, activity-based touring and discovering the natural world about them and Africa and other undiscovered places were on the map and they deemed that one of the very best ways of experiencing these were by eco-friendly kayak! From their successful sea kayak tours came the need for more craft, leading to the launching of their innovative PaddleYak® Sea Kayak brand.  The companies have since gone from strength to strength and celebrated twenty-five adventure-filled years in 2019.  Many more models and kayak adventures are currently being developed for the years ahead.


We strive to bring the joys of paddling adventures to all.

“ Our decision to begin pollution-free kayak tours in the early 90’s, at some cost to our professional careers, seems more than vindicated now. It is our fervent hope that society will take stock of the way it has begun to literally choke itself and will endeavor to change its ways for the better, post-pandemic. Going back into nature on a humble kayak for inspiration and a broader perspective seems as good a plan as any.”

Johan Loots




Loots conceptualized a craft which combined the qualities of sit-in and sit-on craft, the now famous “hybrid” kayak which was awarded the prestigious Itown as well as Disa Awards for design excellence. The authoritative SA Innovations said thus:-.

.  “The hybrid kayak is a novel idea and it is evident that this is a well-resolved design.” – SABS,2007

Sea Kayak Productions cc presents:

PaddleYak® Sea Kayaks are produced by SEA KAYAK PRODUCTIONS cc. All designs have been conceived in-house and all craft are hand-laminated on site with the best materials. This ensures that buyers  obtain first-hand information, guidance and support. Be sure you ask for PaddleYak® Kayaks. “There’s nothing quite like the real thing.”

PaddleYak® Sea Kayak Productions cc have appeared in many articles and features since the 90’s. Recently it has been featured in

Night Jar Travels

Amanzi Mag


SOLiDFORM® Canopies & Parasols - LAUNCHETTE® Platform Step - PY TravelYak® Split Kayak -Pedalo’s, Boats, Molds & Custom Designs- 

other products

Other innovative products designed and supplied include the Launchette® Platform Step, the all-weather SOLiDFORM Canopies and Parasols, as well as the unique PY TravelYak® Split Kayak which comes in three nested sections which can be assembled in seconds. Sea Kayak Productions CC also supplies Pedalo’s and dinghies and produces molds and other custom-made fibreglass products on request.

Kayak Tours and Services

Johan Loots described sixty kayak routes in his local book A Practical Guide to Sea Kayaking in Southern Africa. In his international book, An Essential Guide to Sea Kayaking, he describes the skills of sea kayaking and routes worldwide.
To facilitate safe paddling and professional guiding, Loots set up of the first sea kayak guide course in South Africa, paving the way for future developments with a local forum, TASKS  -The African Sea Kayak Society – and ISKIA – the International Sea Kayak Instructors Association -, a blueprint for an international sea kayak association.

Sponsoring sea kayak adventures

To promote their craft and tours, PADDLEYAK Sea Kayak Productions CC and REAL CAPE ADVENTURES CC co-sponsor sea kayak adventures and expeditions. These have included  
~ The  RCA Mozambique 3000 Sea Kayak Expedition, the Malawi Kayak Challenge and the Lake Tanganyika Kayak Expedition, which saw adventurous paddlers exploring exciting new routes.
Riaan Manser, adventurer extraordinaire, who circumnavigated Madagascar in a PaddleYak®  Swift Hybrid Classic as well as Iceland, together with Dan Skinstad, in a PaddleYak® Swift Hybrid Double.

~ Johan Loots‘ own explorations of many potential South African and African kayak routes, but also:  Croatia, paddling as the crow flies, from Dubrovnik in the south, to the border with Slovenia in the north; Spain‘s Ria Arousa, from San Vicente to Padron (resulting in the first commercial sea kayak tour being set up on the famous Camino de Santiago), Mauritius, Zanzibar, St Marie (Madagascar), Sao Tome and Principe (west of Gabon) as well as various kayak adventures in Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti and Moorea, most serving to test out new craft, including the PY TavelYak Split.  Loots also attended international boating platforms in the US and France and visited  Sweden to introduce it to the PY Pro-X Surfski  and Portugal and Italy to assess future sea kayak routes and outlets there.

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PaddleYak® Sea Kayak Productions 

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Real Cape Adventures cc

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PaddleYak® Sea Kayak Productions CC

  • Workshop – Stonehouse Yard, N2, Plettenberg Bay. RSA.
  • Base – Kayak Cottage, 3 Strydom St, Plettenberg Bay, RSA.
  • Depot – Kayak House, 3 Greenaces Close, Hout Bay, Cape Town. RSA.

Real Cape Adventures CC

  • Real Cape Kayak Adventures. – Kayak House, 3 Greenacres Close, Hout Bay, Cape Town. RSA.
  • Cape Kayak Camino:  Kayak Cottage, 3 Strydom St, Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route. RSA.
  • Paddle Plett. Meeding St, Hobie Beach, Plettenberg Bay. Garden Route, RSA.