Black Friday?

Economists say that 60% of all sales are for retail goods.   That makes the consumer the single most important factor in the world’s economy. Quite simply, if you and I stop spending, the whole world will suffer.   Production will come to a standstill and jobs will dry up. Many of those employed will be retrenched, or retired. States will sit with reduced income from tax and the whole system will grind to a near standstill. The message is clear.  Not only do we all need to be vaccinated against a terrible virus, but we also need to spend to help the economy recover.  If in doubt about whether to save your spare funds or to spend it on initiatives like Black Friday, also remember that money comes and goes; life doesn’t. Order that PaddleYak Kayak today and enjoy the freedom it will bring you whilst helping the world! Ph +27 (0)825562520 or email or see right now.