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If you are in the market this summer season for an eco-friendly and sturdy kayak for the sea, lagoons, lakes and open rivers, go to South Africa’s favourite, local and internationally recognised brand, PaddleYak. Designed for Atlantic and Indian Ocean paddling, PaddleYak Kayaks offer you twenty different models to choose from. They are all handmade locally in superior fibreglass composites to provide the best prices, best models and best performance for your needs. No budget, plastic play kayaks are produced by PaddleYak. See PaddleYak’s new website at . for more details. Discover the world of PaddleYak Kayaks and join in the fun. Speak to us about your needs for the best advice. Look out especially for the new PY TravelYak Split sectional kayak for traveling the world with, as well as the latest surfskis from PaddleYak and the fun and compact PY Gypsy Duo Double for the family. All proudly made in South Africa. Ph 0825562520, email or see the site at .