Kayak South Africa

With the Covid pandemic leading to flight cancellations again, more and more are looking at exploring their own countries and backyards. What may be discovered there will surprise many. South Africa is a world-in-one, not only varying form province to province, but indeed, from region to region. The country is blessed with almost a 3000 km long coastline, some of which offers outstanding sea kayaking opportunities. Add to that the lagoons and coastal rivers and lakes and you have enough water to paddle on for decades to come. So, wherever you are heading this holiday, you are sure to find a place to paddle and explore and each excursion is likely to bring a new experience. In 2000 Johan Loots published A Practical Guide to Sea Kayaking in Southern Africa in which he described 50 major kayaking locations and routes, all meticulously researched for the benefit of paddlers of varying abilities. If you are not too familiar with the coast and the paddling options available, get hold of a copy of this book, or ask for guidance from PaddleYak and discover just how adventurous paddling can be right here. To get the right kayak for your adventures, contact PaddleYak at info@seakayak.co.za, or phone 0825562520 or see www.paddleyak.co.za .