RIP Tom Morey

Tom Morey, a lover of oceans, a surfer, a fellow waterman and a maverick designer of note, can be credited with bringing the pleasures of the ocean and surfing to millions through his famous Morey-Boogie Board invention.  Many enjoy the pleasure of surfing waves in different ways, such as by standing up on a board, waveski-surfing, sailboarding, kite-surfing and body-surfing. Tom Morey introduced and perfected another way; surfing on a soft, foam-extruded body-board. Prior to this, body-boards were made of plywood and were hard and thin, giving scant flotation. The Morey Boogie Board changed all that by offering everybody, from toddlers to veterans, a soft, compact board with enough flotation to float on whilst waiting for a wave and to sustain a surfer even when standing up.  Millions have and are still enjoying the fun of surfing because of this product which have been copied and improved upon in many ways, with the sport even developing its own competitive side and exponents performing extraordinary moves on them. Few can claim to have brought so much fun to the world by providing them with the simplest of means by which to enjoy the thrills of surfing waves than Tom Morey.  He will be fondly remembered for it.