South Africa set for New Dawn

With the winning of the World Rugby Championships in Japan in Oct 2019 South Africa has been given the necessary boost to overhaul its economy which over the least two decades has been devastated by corruption, incompetence and ideology. Pres Cyril Ramaphosa has announced far-
reaching law changes to stimulate business and increase employment which currently is at one of the lowest levels in the world. Looking forward to a rosier economy and a new dawn, it’s time to invest in an authentic, home-spun product made in South Africa and recognised worldwide; a
PaddleYak Sea Kayak which is produced by PaddeYak Sea Kayak Productions CC. The company which is heading for its 25th year in production has not only survived taxing times, but prevailed. Its
craft have made it possible for many to enjoy the pleasures of kayaking, both in their own backyards and on distant shores. Its innovative and award-winning designs cater for a variety of needs, skills and applications. Become part of the South African Dream, invest in a genuine South African
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